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create a new location google my business app php

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hi i have try to create a new location using google my business php app  this is my example :



$oLocation = createLocation($locations, $test_acc[0]['name']);

function createLocation($locations, $account)

$location = new Google_Service_Mybusiness_Location();
$address = new Google_Service_Mybusiness_Address();
$address->setAddressLines("Level 5, 48 Pirrama Road");
$businessHours = new Google_Service_Mybusiness_BusinessHours();
$timePeriods = array();
$days = array("Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday");
foreach ($days as $day) {
$timePeriod = new Google_Service_Mybusiness_TimePeriod();
$timePeriods[] = $timePeriod;
$location->setLocationName("Google Sydney");
$location->setPrimaryPhone("02 9374 4000");
$primaryCategory = new Google_Service_Mybusiness_Category();
$primaryCategory->setName("Software Company");
$additionalCategories = array(
"name" => "Computer Service",
"categoryId" => "gcid:computer_service"
"name" => "Corporate Office",
"categoryId" => "gcid:corporate_office"
$labels = array("Recently opened", "High-traffic");

try {
// $createdlocation = $locations->create($account->name, $location, array('languageCode' => 'en-AU', 'validateOnly' => FALSE, 'requestId' => uniqid()));
$createdlocation = $locations->create($account->name, $location, array('languageCode' => 'en-AU', 'validateOnly' => FALSE, 'requestId' => uniqid()));
} catch (Exception $e) {
print "Caught exception: " . $e->getMessage() . "\n";
return null;

return $createdlocation;


i get this response


PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function create() on null 

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Re: create a new location google my business app php

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi @Mario R,


The code snippet you provided in your post looks fine to me. If you are using the v3.3 version of PHP client library when creating a new location via the Google My Business API, please make sure you include the correct library file as shown in the following line of code:


include_once "MyBusiness.php";


Please note, since the PHP client library doesn’t currently support the display of detailed error messages, so I suggest you follow the Make a simple HTTP request step-by-step guide on the Google Developers site and try use the OAuth 2.0 Playground to step through the auth flow, and examine the HTTP request/response at each step. This usually helps pinpoint where an application is passing the incorrect info.



The Google My Business API team

create a new location google my business app php

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hi Shalini S


i have

include_once "MyBusiness.php";

and the result is the same.