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3.1K members online now
For developers who are using the Google My Business API to manage locations
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associating place-ids & other questions

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Hi guys,

We're having some trouble understanding the exact workings and constraints for associating GMB (Google My Business) locations with place_ids. We're referring to the documentation here.

  • can we associate multiple place ids with the same GMB location? The documentation seems to suggest that is not the case, but I'd want a confirmation about that.
  • while testing, I created multiple GMB Locations with the same name and address and they show up as multiple locations on the GMB API list endpoint. But we saw that more than one of these places have the same place_id – so we're tending to think that Google does some sort of matching to know if multiple GMB locations are duplicates of each other. Is that correct?
  • we see that in all of our tests, the `locationState.isVerified` field is absent. Is it safe to assume the `false` in these cases?
  • we noticed that findMatches can only be done on unverified places. What should be the process to associate/remove matches (matches are potential duplicate listings of a place, we assume.) once a place has been verified? 


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Re: associating place-ids & other questions

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Hi @Ashesh A,