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Which information does API return for business hours when business hours are overwritten?

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Hi I have something to ask you about business hours update specification. 


There are 3 sources to update business hours in my Understanding.


a. business owners update through GMB UI/API

b. Google Crawler update

c. User's voluntary feedback


And regarding both above b and c case, it looks overwrite information which was entered by business owners. My question here is,


1. How business owner can detect their information is overwritten by Google or User's?

2. If the data is overwritten, which information will be get when business owners get business hours through API?





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Which information does API return for business hours when business hours are overwritten?

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Or do you return as "isGoogleUpdated" true when it is updated based on user's feedback as well?


And business owners can get what information is overwritten by following method. Is my understanding correct?


thanks and sorry for spamming


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Re: Which information does API return for business hours when business hours are overwritten?

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Hi @Mitsumasa S,


Here is a list of organized information related to adding your business information to Google according to your questions about how Google recognizes authoritative information:

a. Google My Business/Google My Business API:

Google uses information from a variety of sources—including user reports and licensed content—to make sure that locations on Google stay as accurate as possible. Sometimes the information business owners provide is reported as incorrect or outdated. If your locations are updated by Google, you’ll see them listed with a “Google updates” status.


You need to add and verify your local business listings on Google for your business information to appear across Google, including Search and Maps, using Google My Business. Please note that changes to the business information in Google My Business may be reviewed for quality before being published and may take up to 3 days to go live.


b. Knowledge Graph cards/Structured data markup - Local Businesses:

If you add markup to a known site, that data is treated as authoritative and used for Knowledge Graph cards where it is not already determined by data you put into Google My Business. This includes your official logo and social profile links. However, if you enter contact information through Google My Business, that data source is treated as authoritative. We recommend you keep the data sources in sync if you use both types. This method for submitting business information is not directly related to the Google My Business API, therefore I suggest you refer to the Google Search Developers site and post further questions on the Search Console forum for structured data.


c. Edit info about a place:

You can fix and report incorrect business information on Google if you find any data discrepancies between your business listings and the business information on Google. You can also post your questions on the Basics for Business Owners board for more help in fixing business information discrepancies on Google.


For your questions regarding a, b & c above:

1. You will see the “Google updates” listing status in the Google My Business UI If your locations are updated by Google, and you should review the locations to approve, change, or ignore the Google updates. You can send a GET request to the :googleUpdated endpoint via the Google My Business API to retrieve the Google updated version of the specified verified location if a location is updated by Google, as indicated by the isGoogleUpdated boolean in the LocationState. The diffMask indicates the fields that Google updated for the specified location. Otherwise, locations that are updated by users via the UI or the API may be reviewed for quality before being published. Learn more about guidelines for business information including business hours


2. You should get the same value you had before the Google updates for the location(s) if you send a GET request to get the specified location or list all locations for the specified account via the Google My Business API. As stated in 1, you can send a GET request to retrieve the Google updated version of the specified locationYou can override the Google updated location by making further edits to the location with a PATCH API call via the API. Please make sure that the updated business information you provide is accurate and up-to-date.