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For developers who are using the Google My Business API to manage locations
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Transfer a location to another account

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I need to transfer more location from one account to another. I'm using (  MyBusiness API (v3) + using OAuth 2.0 flow + google-api-php-client +Mybusiness PHP Classes)

When I try to transfer one location to another account I get a error 403


403) The source and destination accounts must be owned by the same user 

What does it mean this "accounts must be owned by the same user"?


In the dev-reference is that information:


Method accounts.locations.transfer

Transfer a location from one account to another. The current account that the location is associated with and the destination account must have the same ultimate owner. 


We have business accounts user1(at) owned location XXX. I wanted to transfer from user1(at) to user2(at) ....

Both of the accounts are owned from the company email business account.



Here ist my transfer function

$sName = "accounts/110588984792951515795/locations/177921387920282395152";
$toAccount = "accounts/1157859089396793615042";

$result = transferLocation($sName,$client,$toAccount);

function transferLocation($sName,$client,$toAccount) 
		$mybusinessService = new Google_Service_Mybusiness($client);
		$transferLocation = new Google_Service_Mybusiness_TransferLocationRequest();
		$transferLocation = $mybusinessService->accounts_locations->transfer($sName,$transferLocation);
	catch(Exception $e)
		print "Caught exception: " . $e->getMessage() . "\n";
	return true;
} // function

My second problem is:


We have a customer companies with thousends of locations, but some of the locations are "owned" or "created" by franchising partners.

The brand company want to administrate all existing company locations in one admin-account.

Is there a possibillity to change the ownership via GMB API or this is only in the GMB UI possible?



Thank you in advance.




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Re: Transfer a location to another account

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Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi @Iliyan H,


The POST request for transferring a location from one account to another is limited to within the same Google Account and has the following transfer requirements:


Please note that only the owner of a location can transfer ownership. You are only able to transfer the locations in accounts you own or manage that have the same owner between your personal account and a business account, or from one business account to another business account.


For your second question, please check out the best practices for using Business Accounts with Google My Business locations in the FAQ. Please note that a Google Account has a 100-page limit. If you manage ten or more locations of the same chain, you may request bulk verification, which will remove the 100-page limit for that account. It’s important to create a separate Google Account for each chain business you manage in order to be eligible for bulk verification. In addition, we recommend that business owners, whenever possible, create and verify their own locations and add authorized representatives to the locations as managers. Learn more


You can use the Google My Business API to manage admins for accounts and locations by listing admins for an account or location, adding an admin to an account or location, and removing an admin from an account or location. You can transfer ownership of locations to a business account by sending a POST request via the API. However, it’s currently not possible to transfer ownership of a business account via the API. Please use the Google My Business UI to transfer ownership of a business account.