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For developers who are using the Google My Business API to manage locations
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Puerto Rico

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When our listing does manual submission to Google Business for business in Puerto Rico.  The country code they have been using is PR.  Based on my my testing it seems, Google My Business API is expecting the correct country, 'US' for Puerto Rico address.   

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Re: Puerto Rico

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi @Rio S,


The correct country code for the country field value of the Address object for a location in Puerto Rico is "PR". Please use the OAuth 2.0 Playground to verify if this is a case of the 400 Bad Request error with the error code 1100 and the message "We cannot locate the specified address. Please verify it is correct and/or drag the marker pin on the provided map to the correct location." when the system cannot geocode the specified address. You can provide the correct latitude/longitude values in a LatLng object when creating a new location via the API to fix this error. Please note that the latlng field is read-only and cannot be updated. Please also note that once a location is created, the country cannot be changed.


If the aforementioned 400 Bad Request error with the error code 1100 is the case, then once you have created the location and you want to send a PATCH request to update the location via the API, please use a fieldMask and confirm that the fieldMask does not include address and latlng. You can fix this geocode error through the Google My Business UI. Please read this article that includes the description of this specific error message and what you can do to fix this error and activate your listing.


If you insist that this is a location in Puerto Rico, but it accepts "US" as the correct country code for the country field, please post the locationId for this specific location so that I can troubleshoot this issue further for you.