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Problems using OAuth 2.0

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If you are running into problems setting up OAuth 2.0, review your setup by following the steps in the Google My Business API Get Started guide. You want to make sure you choose the option to create an OAuth 2.0 client ID (not Service Account) in Developers Console.


If you experience a 404 “Method not Found” error, double check that the project ID you are using matches the one that was whitelisted for your company. You may need to track down the person who applied and was approved for API access if that was not you. If you do not have permission to access the whitelisted project, contact the project owner and have them add you as a project member.


If you run into errors calling the API through the application you are developing, then test the call independently by using OAuth 2.0 Playground. If this is your first time using OAuth 2.0 Playground, follow the steps outlined in the Get Started guide to make a simple HTTP request.


When making calls using OAuth 2.0 client ID, user interaction is required to process the user consent request and obtain an API access token and a refresh token. When the access token expires, your application can use the refresh token to obtain new access tokens without additional user interaction.


You should send the token to a Google API in an HTTP authorization header. We strongly recommend that you use the Google API Client Libraries when interacting with Google's OAuth 2.0 endpoints to implement a simple and secure application.


If you continue to have problems using OAuth 2.0, then post your problems to this community and we’ll help address your questions as they come up.



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Re: Problems using OAuth 2.0

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If you have any questions involving OAuth 2.0, check out the Google OAuth Developers Site or start a new thread in the API board if you can't find a solution.