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Multiple accounts?

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My company  has several my Google business accounts. What we are wanting to do is use 1 main account to update locations for all of them in 1 script. this is so we don't have to sign in to each account and run the script for each of our accounts with separate credential files

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Multiple accounts?

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Hi google, I work with Ryan P. Going to provide some additional information:


1. The account we are using is (BL)

2. We have a project white listed for use of the GMB Api

3. We have OAth credentials set up in Dev Console

4. We have a service account set up in Dev Console

5. We are able to retrieve accounts for (BL)

6. We are using client library 2.0


I went into one of our other brands (CSC) and used the OAth Playground to run a test to see if the BL credentials could be used to pull data for the CSC. We got a response with account number. So it seems to be working. But when we try and connect via php impersonating CSC we get the BL information only. So maybe the authorization isn't set up. How do we go about authorizing (CSC) to use the (BL) service account? Any idea on what the issue could be? 


Re: Multiple accounts?

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Hi @Ryan P & @bwmyers,


You should use your whitelisted project with a single set of OAuth 2.0 credentials across multiple Google Accounts. You do not need to create any additional projects or OAuth 2.0 credentials for your client's top-level Google Accounts in Google My Business since we're only whitelisting one project per company. We suggest you read through this Accepted Solution for using a single set of OAuth 2.0 credentials for separate Google Accounts. When you use your whitelisted project’s credentials to obtain an OAuth 2.0 access token for authentication via the Google My Business API, you should be logging in with your specific Google Account. When this token is provided and you are making API calls in your script, you will be able to view and manage all the existing locations within that specific account. You should repeat this process with a single set of OAuth 2.0 credentials for your separate Google Accounts to obtain a token for each Google Account.


Business accounts are recommended when you need to share access to a large set of locations with a group of people in a single Google Account, all of whom need access to that entire set of locations. Please check out the best practices for using Business Accounts with Google My Business locations.


Please check out this Accepted Solution to set up your service account application for different Google Accounts. Please make sure that you have requested user consent and specified the user to impersonate for the (CSC) Google Account to access its Google My Business data.