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Merge google my business account manager account to other Google Business Account

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We have one google manager account named We have created API Project in this account. We have completed code for fetch all google my business from this account in our portal.


I want to fetch all businesses from other google business account (, also.


How can we get all businesses using same API project which is created in


Please give us solution ASAP.



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Re: Merge google my business account manager account to other Google Business Account

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Hi @Scout50 D,


You can use a single set of OAuth 2.0 credentials for access to your account and location data in each different Google Account. For separation of access to your Google My Business data in different Google Accounts, all you need to do is to generate and store a separate OAuth 2.0 access token for each Google Account that you use for managing locations in Google My Business.


For generating separate OAuth 2.0 access tokens for each Google Account, when you use your whitelisted project’s credentials to obtain an OAuth 2.0 access token for authentication via the Google My Business API, you should be logging in with your specific Google Account. When this token is provided and you are making API calls, you will be able to view and manage all the existing locations within that specific account. You should repeat this process with a single set of OAuth 2.0 credentials for your separate Google Accounts to obtain a token for each Google Account.


Please note, when using the OAuth 2.0 client ID for authorization, you should store the refresh token for future use and use the access token to access the API. Once the access token expires, the application should use the refresh token to obtain a new one. This way, your application will always be able to request a new access token when necessary. This process requires a user to manually authorize the application only once.


In addition, for sharing access to a large set of locations with a group of people, please also check out the best practices for using Business Accounts with Google My Business locations in the FAQ.