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List all places under my business api

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I am trying to get list of locations from my business API, but I am
not sure about the way even after searching a documentation.

I am using PHP client from that site
( ) and
credential I have got when I was creating business api account.


The problem is that I can see only one account after calling a list
method - that is the API account and it does not have any stores under it.


Call source code:


$googleClient = new Google_Client();
$googleBusiness = new Google_Service_MyBusiness($googleClient);
$result = $googleBusiness->accounts->listAccounts();


it returns ListAccountsResponse object which contains only one
account (API)


Dumped account object:

internal_gapi_mappings protected => array ()
accountName => NULL
name => "accounts/105154061200768320715" (30)
role => NULL
stateType protected => "Google_Service_MyBusiness_AccountState" (38)
stateDataType protected => ""
type => "PERSONAL" (8)
modelData protected => array (1)
state => array (1)
status => "UNVERIFIED" (10)
processed protected => array ()


Please, tell me if there is some stuff I need to do, so this API
account can see all the locations stored in My Business.



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Re: List all places under my business api

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Hi @David B,


If you are building a service account application, I suggest you please check out this Accepted Solution for setting up a service account application.



Shalini, Google My Business API team