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Java: do credential refresh fall under 5QPS ( queries per second) limit?

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We are using java mybusiness client 3.2 with CredentialRefreshListener while creating mybusiness client.


class CredentialRefreshListnerImpl implements CredentialRefreshListener {
    private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(CredentialRefreshListener.class);

    public void onTokenResponse(Credential credential, TokenResponse tokenResponse) throws IOException {"onTokenResponse credential AccessToken" + credential.getAccessToken() + " RefreshToken:"
            + credential.getRefreshToken());"CredentialRefreshListnerImpl onTokenResponse tokenResponse" + tokenResponse);

    public void onTokenErrorResponse(Credential credential, TokenErrorResponse tokenErrorResponse) throws IOException {"onTokenErrorResponse credential AccessToken: " + credential.getAccessToken() + " RefreshToken:"
            + credential.getRefreshToken());"onTokenErrorResponse tokenErrorResponse" + tokenErrorResponse);




1) Does this credential refresh honor 5 QPS limit? (i.e can I have more than 5 credential refresh calls under one second) ?

My Understanding:  As this credential refresh is not  a QUERY we can have more than 5 refresh calls under 1 second


Could someone please help me with this?

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Re: Java: do credential refresh fall under 5QPS ( queries per second) limit?

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Hi @Vinod Reddy S,


No, credential refresh do not fall under 5QPS usage limit.



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