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Introducing Posts and more in Google My Business API v4

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Today we’re happy to announce the launch of Google My Business API v4. Here are some key new features and updates in this release:



Posts allow businesses to easily share their latest news, events, offers, and more directly on Google Search, and through post insights see how their customers interact with these updates. Earlier this year, we launched posts in Google My Business web and mobile to small businesses. Today, we're expanding on that launch and enabling small businesses using third-party platforms to post on Google through the API.



Posts appear on your Google business listing. Customers can tap to read the full post, and they can also share your post with their friends directly from Google.


Brands with 10 or more locations are currently not eligible to use the posts feature through the API. However, individual franchise/store owners can continue to use the Google My Business interface to post to individual locations. LocationState in Location response will tell you if a particular location is eligible for posts or not. Large brands interested in posts can contact us through this form.


New “Media” endpoint

The Photos endpoint is renamed to “Media” which is now a separate resource under Location. Also, in addition to the existing URL method to upload photos, we’ve introduced the ability to upload photos as bytes. These changes will provide more flexibility to users and make management of photos and locations more efficient. You can learn more about this endpoint here.



With v4, you can now subscribe and opt-in to notifications you care about. We’ve added one more notification type that lets you know when a review on a location was updated.



v4 adds support for more attributes allowing businesses to control more of their information on Google. Hotels can now manage their attribute information through the API (e.g. welcomes pets, has spa, has golf course) and businesses can now provide values for attributes that can take sets of multiple values (e.g. credit card types accepted, languages spoken). In addition, we are introducing attribute mask which allows you to only update attributes noted in the mask.



Four more insights are now available to API v4 users. These include:

  • Total merchant photo count
  • Total merchant photo views
  • The number of times the post was viewed on Google
  • The number of times the call to action button on a post was clicked



We’ve increased read and update daily quotas and QPS for all v4 users. See here for more details.


v3.3 Deprecation Notice

v3.3 of the API will be deprecated on March 12, 2018 and sunset on April 12, 2018. We will notify you again a month in advance of the sunset date. See here for schedule.


To learn more about the Google My Business API and to apply for access, visit our developer page. Full documentation of changes for this release including backward-incompatible changes can be found here. Questions or feedback? Contact the API team on the Google My Business API Forum.


The Google My Business API Team

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Introducing Posts and more in Google My Business API v4

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This is awesome! So glad you released posts in the API! Thank you for the update!

Introducing Posts and more in Google My Business API v4

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Hello @Andrew H, this is awesome! I tried to download this new version on this link (https://developers.google.com/my-business/samples/) and there's just v3.3 available.


Where I could find the v4?

Re: Introducing Posts and more in Google My Business API v4

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Hi @Marcos L,


Our document has been updated. You can find the Google My Business API v4 client libraries here: https://developers.google.com/my-business/samples/



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