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1.4K members online now
For developers who are using the Google My Business API to manage locations
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Insufficient tokens for quota group and limit

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We are trying to understand how the project quotas are reported. We manage 1000+ locations for a national cell phone company. We have applied for 'standard' access to the project which we are patiently waiting for a response (hopefully it will be soon)


In the mean time we are using the basic quota of up to 1000 creates/deletes to perform some basic maintenance of the data via the API. The issue is we aren't getting anywhere near using the 1000 quota before the API starts reporting the following error.



Insufficient tokens for quota group and limit 'DefaultWriteGroupCLIENT_PROJECT-1d' of service '', using the limit by ID '729559872597'. [429]



Message[Insufficient tokens for quota group and limit 'DefaultWriteGroupCLIENT_PROJECT-1d' of service '', using the limit by ID '729559872597'.] Location[ - ] Reason[rateLimitExceeded] Domain[global]


I’m unsure what rate limit I’m exceeding. As you can see I've only made 344 request.




 Please advise us on what quotas we are currently exceeding.


Best Regards,




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Re: Insufficient tokens for quota group and limit

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi @David L,


The error indicates that you have exhausted the quota assigned to your company’s whitelisted project to access the Google My Business API. We suggest you please limit your API usage to 5 queries per second (QPS) per project when sending requests.


We received your quota increase request and will follow up with you after we’ve completed our review of your application.



The Google My Business API team