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Incremental collection or Webhooks

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Using the API, is there a way to do incremental collection? we are trying to do daily collection and we have to collect everything all time. Is there a way to specify new reviews since last collection?


Also, is there a plan to do webhooks / callbacks to collect reviews.. 

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September 2016

Re: Incremental collection or Webhooks

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Hi @Sathya K,


*Latest update*:

Please check out the Introducing Google My Business API v3.1 post that introduced the functionality which allows you to Subscribe and manage push notifications for new customer reviews on Google. Please note that Real-time Notifications are published in conjunction with Google Cloud Pub/Sub. Before enabling notifications, you need to follow the get started guide to set up Google Cloud Pub/Sub and create a topic.


Real-time webhooks subscriptions or push notifications are not available for retrieving reviews via previous versions including v3 of the Google My Business API. Prior to v3.1 of the API, a poll-based sync list operation is the recommended approach to retrieve review updates.


You can certainly conduct incremental data collection at your end, but please be aware of the Policies for Caching or Storage. If you are not using Real-time Notifications in v3.1 of the API, I suggest you filter and show only reviews with a specific createTime or updateTime for your daily polling. You can find a code snippet for printing all reviews filtered by the updateTime in this thread.