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Fetching image failed

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I've an issue when I try to update the cover photo through the api V3.3.

The photo has a 16:9 aspect ratio (1600x900) and it is smaller than 5Mb.


I get this error :

com.google.api.client.googleapis.json.GoogleJsonResponseException: 500 Internal Server Error
  "code" : 500,
  "message" : "Request only partially succeeded, refer to details for which fields failed.",
  "status" : "INTERNAL",
  "details" : [ {
    "@type" : "type.googleapis.com/google.mybusiness.v3p1.InternalError",
    "errorDetails" : [ {
      "code" : 1000,
      "field" : "photos.cover_photo_url",
      "message" : "Fetching image failed",
      "value" : "http://res.cloudinary.com/mobilosoft/image/upload/w_2120,h_1192,c_fill/v1512479273/mobilosoft-test/310cbfe8-1544-4007-8e7f-ce40571a648e_cover_c2f2136f-228f-448d-aa3e-87e512b60a37"
    } ]
  } ]

I don't know where the problem is. So if you could help, it would be great.



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Fetching image failed

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Hi @Lukasz,


We are still trying to troubleshoot the problem you reported and will follow up soon with a response if we are able to replicate your issue. In the meantime, try isolating your API call using OAuth playground and let us know if you are still experiencing the issue.


We are still trying to replicate the issue you reported and will follow up soon with a response. Thanks for your patience.



The Google My Business API team