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Errors with correct postal code

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I don't know how resolve mistakes such as :


"field": "address.postal_code",
"message": "address.postal_code is invalid",
"code": 3,
"value": "344111",
"subErrorCode": 43


Because if I check my address in Google Maps then it show me postal code 344111, but API show error with this adress. Part of my request below: 


"address":{"addressLines":"улица 50 лет Октября, 1","administrativeArea":"Ярославская область","country":"RU","locality":"Ростов","postalCode":"344111"}


How to fix these errors ? And it is possible to transfer data without postal code ?

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September 2016

Re: Errors with correct postal code

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Hi @Алексей Т,


I’ve checked with OAuth 2.0 Playground for troubleshooting errors with detailed error messages that the postalCode "344111" for your address seems to be correct. However, your administrativeArea should’ve been "Ростовская область".


Address formats can vary widely by country, so all fields including the postal code may not be required for every location. Depending on the country, some fields will be required, optional, or not allowed. Address line 1 and country are always required. In your case, the postal code field is required for a location in Russia. Learn more


In addition, if you are getting the 400 Bad Request error with the message "We cannot locate the specified address. Please verify it is correct and/or drag the marker pin on the provided map to the correct location." that typically happens when the system cannot geocode the specified address, you can provide the correct latitude/longitude values in a LatLng object when creating a new location via the API to fix this error. Please note that the latlng field is read-only and cannot be updated.


If you have already created the location and you are sending a PATCH request to update the location via the API, please use a fieldMask and confirm that the fieldMask does not include address and latlng. You can fix this geocode error by dropping a pin for your business location through the Google My Business UI.


For more information about specific types of error messages that you may see in your dashboard and what you can do to fix each error and activate your listing, please check out this article in the Google My Business Help Center.