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Error message: "This category isn't supported in NL."

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When we submit a pois for a Dutch 'snack_bar' we get the following message.


_Google API returned an error message for update on poiId:POI 400 Bad Request{ "code" : 400 "message" : "Request contains an invalid argument." "status" : "INVALID_ARGUMENT" "details" : [ { "@type" : "" "errorDetails" : [ { "code" : 3 "field" : "primary_category" * "message" : "This category isn't supported in NL."* "value" : "gcid:snack_bar" "additionalValue" : "NL" } ] } ]}_


As a solution, we've changed the primary category, but we do not understand why the category is not supported in The Netherlands.

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Re: Error message: "This category isn't supported in NL."

Google Employee
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Google Employee

Hi @Sinem T,


The error you mentioned in your post indicates that the category id you are using for your category is incorrect. The correct categoryId for the category name “Snackbar” is “gcid:fast_food_restaurant” for your country. For a list of valid category IDs, and the mappings to their human-readable names, see categories.list.


I suggest you try making a simple HTTP request using the OAuth 2.0 Playground and send a GET HTTP request to get a list of categories using the categories.list method in the Google My Business API.


I hope this helps!



Shalini, Google My Business API team