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For developers who are using the Google My Business API to manage locations
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Duplicates management

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Hi, I've read that the recommended behavior when trying to remove duplicates is just to delete them. But I have two questions / suggestions / feature requests


1 - Is there any way to remove a verified location using the API instead of the UI? It has no sense to have the 'canDelete' flag via API if we cannot delete the location via API... We have a business verified account, so all the locations we claim or create are verified automatically and we can never delete the claimed duplicates via API.


2 - Ideally, we would like to be able to 'merge' the duplicated location into the principal one. Deleting the duplicate causes that all the reviews will be removed from them and that's not our preferred behavior. Is there any way to 'merge' a duplicated location into the principal one instead of deleting it? I think it would be really useful. 




We've bank using our tool to manage GMBlocations. This bank was called Caja Duero but they changed the name to EspañaDuero Bank some time ago. So, they have created locations for some of their offices using the new naming.


The problem is that they already have old Maps locations for CajaDuero (and they didn't know). So, we've claimed all these old locations and we're trying to manage them.


The expected behavior from our 'product' point of view should be that we should be able to 'delete' the duplicated locations using the GMB API, is not really factible to claim their ~300 unclaimed locations manually. Even more, we should be able to merge both locations to maintain the old reviews that their already have in the CajaDuero locations.


New EspañaDuero location:

Old CajaDuero location:


We've edited the old profile information to use the same name, address and details that the new one for now... but ideally we would like to merge them.


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Re: Duplicates management

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Google Employee

Hi @David R,


1. No, once a location has been verified, it cannot be deleted through the API. Only non-verified locations can be removed. The canDelete indicates whether the location can be using the Google My Business UI, so you can use the GMB UI to delete a verified location.


2. No, unfortunately you cannot merge duplicate location into one using the API. We are aware of your feature request/suggestion regarding merge duplicate locations into one using the API. We’ll announce new features of the Google My Business API when they become available on both this board and the Google Developers site.



The Google My Business API team