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Duplicates and Verified locations

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Hello there,

With my application I accidentally created a few duplicates on a GMB account.

I was trying deleting them through the api, but I got 


  "error": {
    "code": 400,
    "message": "Location accounts/113771833068659632619/locations/4678049098485200743 has a Google+ page. It can only be deleted by deleting its +page.",



The locationState of that location is


  "locationState": {
    "isDuplicate": true,
    "canUpdate": true,
    "canDelete": true

 So, the location is NOT VERIFIED (otherwise the isVerified field would be set to true), but it has a plusPageId. Is it the expected behaviour?

Also, is it expected that GMB creates the plus page although it knows that is a duplicate location?

Is there any way to delete those duplicates through the api?


Thank you very much in advance,

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October 2016

Re: Duplicates and Verified locations

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Hi @Davide B,


Only locations created through the Google My Business API under bulk verified accounts will each automatically generate a Google+ page. The Google+ page associated with a location as indicated by the plusPageId field in the LocationKey object is generally created when you add a new location through the Google My Business UI. To generate a Google+ page for an unverified location, you can verify a location manually through the UI.


Only a non-verified location without an associated Google+ page, as indicated by a plusPageId, can be deleted via the API. The canDelete boolean field in the LocationState object indicates whether the location can be deleted using the Google My Business UI. You can use the Google My Business UI to delete your duplicate location that has an associated Google+ page.