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Calling the My Business API from a Salesforce server environment

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I have a requirement to build an integration between the Salesforce platform and the Google My Business API, to periodically retrieve Reviews from Google and save copies in Salesforce, for future analysis.


Where is the documentation that describes how to authenticate with Google My Business from a back-end server application?


I've found this: "You use the client ID and one private key to create a signed JWT and construct an access-token request in the appropriate format.  Your application then sends the token request to the Google OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server, which returns an access token. The application uses the token to access a Google API. When the token expires, the application repeats the process."


But this does not provide a full description of how to implement my requirement:


1.  How do I make an access-token request?

2.  How do I supply the token in the call to the My Business API when retrieving Reviews?


My application is written in Apex, the Java+ language.




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Re: Calling the My Business API from a Salesforce server environment

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Hi @Alan D,


I suggest you check out the Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs page and OpenID Connect page for more information. We strongly encourage you to use our client libraries when interacting with Google's OAuth 2.0 endpoints due to the security implications of getting the implementation correct. Please also check out this thread and this thread for using the Java client library to implement the OAuth 2.0 protocol.