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Address.locality on city-states

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Hi GMB guys,


I recognised that the locality field of the Address Object is always empty for my Singapore locations.


Is this a special case for Singapore? What about other city-states like Monaco or Vatican City?

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Re: Address.locality on city-states

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I have taken a look into the GMB accounts I mentioned before. It seems, that for Singapore the City(Locality) is disabled. See pictures.



Can you confirm, that this is the case only for the City of Singapore? Are there other cities where I can find this behavior as well?


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Re: Address.locality on city-states

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Hi @Frank K,


Yes, the address object doesn’t require locality for Singapore. But it is necessary to mention locality field for city-states like Monaco or Vatican City when you create a new location via the Google My Business API. Unfortunately, we don’t have a list of cities which don’t require locality.


Please let us know if you have any other questions about Google My Business API.



The Google My Business API team