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400 bad request without details

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Hi guys!


I'm getting 400 error with v3 API each time without details, it happens in OAuth Playground too, even though I've added


header to request


As I understood from my tests, I have some error in fieldMask parameter, because without it request goes just fine.

Here is my URL: (I can provide real ID's if needed)



So is my fieldMask paramer valid? 

I use php library to send requests.

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Re: 400 bad request without details

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Ok I figured out while playing around that it might be language code:
"error": {
"message": "Request contains an invalid argument.",
"code": 400,
"details": [
"errorDetails": [
"field": "language_code",
"message": "language_code is invalid",
"code": 3,
"value": "en-EN"
"@type": ""
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Re: 400 bad request without details

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Hi @Vladimir T,


You should be able to receive detailed error messages in responses without having to add the additional header when using the OAuth 2.0 Playground to make requests via the Google My Business API. Please note that the fieldMask should no longer include the location. prefix for included fields since v3 of the API.


The correct HTTP request with URI and query parameters including the fieldMask for your PATCH request should be:,address.addressLines,,address.locality,address.postalCode,address.administrativeArea,primaryPhone,primaryCategory,regularHours,photos.profilePhotoUrl,photos.logoPhotoUrl,photos.coverPhotoUrl&validateOnly=true


Please use the correct languageCode to indicate what localized categories are valid for your update request.