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3 weeks ago
I've succesfully created a Google Cloud Console Data source and the columns are being correctly brought in as fields. However, when adding a simple "table" of data, the dimensions and metrics are shown as "Invalid Dimension" or "Invalid Metric". There is dummy data in the table and doing a SELECT query shows the data correctly. Really at a loss as to why this isn't working...
14 hours ago
11 hours ago
  Im continuously getting this strange data behavior when creating visualizations: from a data series a single data value will be randomly doubled (valuex2) and distort the whole chart. When hoovering over the data I notice a mismatch between the value that studio is using and the real value from the data source (see images). This happens regardless the aggregation setting of the field. Is this a bug?     
4 months ago
Hi everybody,My Chrome extension which automatically refresh DS data, now has new feature!Automated pagination for reports with more than one page Now you can put the report on remote screen and sit back.. Important note: Since Google does not allow "view-only" users to reload data, we're bind to the same limitation, so the extension works only for edit-permissions users. sorry..https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/data-studio-auto...
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1 day ago
Hi Folks, I am trying something very simple (or so I thought), but it doesn't seem to work. Sorry if this is a bit of a newby question. I am trying just to make a data range/time series graph the studio and while I have both of the metrics I want showing in the editing panel, only one set appears on the graph. At my wit's end, as I seemed to have tried everything possible. What am I missing here? ThanksAdam
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