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Google Analytics: Code Implementation

Dive into multiple domain (Cross/Sub) tracking, implementing Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce, setting up Event tracking, and Universal Analytics code.

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Google Analytics: Referral Spam Traffic

Learn to identify referral spam traffic, as well as best practices to reduce referral spam in your Google Analytics account

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Google Analytics: Filters

Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports

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Google Analytics: Tracking Goals & Ecommerce

Learn how to set up goals and Ecommerce tracking, verify accuracy of attribution traffic sources, and discuss funnel visualization, Multi-Channel Funnels, the Goal Flow Report, and Enhanced Ecommerce

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5 hours ago I recently switched my internet service to google fiber. I wanted to filter out my own IP so I wouldnt be included in the data. I've added 2 IP's, public and private and yet I still show up when I visit the site. Suggestions?
6 months ago
Have had no problems for a year. Suddenly I go to log in to analytics (NOT adwords) for the first time in a few weeks, I get a blank white screen. I havent changed anything that I do this entire time. I dumped cache/cookies, firewall/antivirus are no probs, I have not changed anything. Even the adblocker I use has always been there even when I could access before, so thats not the problem. I need to have this analytics working. HELP
Hi. I would like to report goal value instead of clicks in my Google Analytcs In-Page analytics reports. What I did:- I've configured goal values in my goals and I can see them in standard reports.- I use official Google Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/page-analytics-by-google/fnbdnhhicmebfgdgglcdacdapkcihcoh- I can see %CTR in links when using my master view.- If I change to "Show only Goal Value" no data is...
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12 hours ago
Hi folks,I have this doubt in my mind about every post or article I searched online encouraged us to insert the Remarketing tag into all pages on the website. The questions here : - Why we need to do that? What sort of benefits we could get by doing this?- Couldn't we only tagged pages that we think is essential for remarketing rather than collecting data from all pages?- Pros & Cons for NOT tagging all pages vs tagging all pages Th...
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4 days ago
 As you can see from picture above, I only want to show AdWords campaign that are related to Center Piece which are number 3, 4, and 6. How?