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paid clicks keywords are all id==

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I was having a problem with my keywords being shown as (not set).


Although auto-tagging was on, I think there was a problem with the link between Adwords and Analytics. I fixed this last night and logged into Analytics this morning to see if I was now getting keywords recorded.


And now I have keywords listed like the two examples below:





Any idea why this is happening? I couldn't find much when I gave it a quick Google.


I've checked my Paid URLs all have gclids, but also seem to have UTM tags - this is right? Here's an example of one I clicked on:




Thank you for your help

Re: paid clicks keywords are all id==

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Hi gemma
they look like google shopping campaign.
For the structure of google shopping they don't pass keyword but what you just sent.

You have automatic tracking activate (the gclid url parameter) so you utm value will be overwrited by it

Re: paid clicks keywords are all id==

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Hi Fil,

Thanks for your reply!

I didn't realise that, so there's no way of me seeing which keywords lead to people clicking on a google shopping ad? This is it working correctly then?

I was hoping to use this to work out which negative keywords I should specify.
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Re: paid clicks keywords are all id==

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Hi Gemma,
You can check search terms for google shopping campaign. Please follow below steps to see search terms for Google shopping campaign.

Shopping campaign >> Ad group>> Keywords>>search terms.

You can also check in analytics by using secondary dimension .Acquisition >> Paid search>>Secondary dimension>>Advertising >> Search query

Adwords>>search queries

Hope this helps.