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huge discrepancy in clicks vs sessions

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I know those two metrics are different, so I don't need an explanation on that. I'm concerned that the numbers are SO drastically different. This is in the last 30 days:





The AdWords/GA accounts are linked; autotagging is enabled... What am I missing?


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: huge discrepancy in clicks vs sessions

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Hi Kaitlin
You're right, that doesn't look right.

AdWords clicks are usually completely accurate, so it's the sessions that are not recording correctly. Normally, there's a discrepancy when users have JS turned off or leave before the GA tag fires but not by that much.

The problem is likely with your GA implementation. If you provide the URL that you're sending traffic for, I can check for you. Alternatively, you can do it yourself by installing the Google Tag Assistant chrome extension and visiting your site with it. You'll see any errors then.

Hope that helps.

Re: huge discrepancy in clicks vs sessions

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Hey Dave! I figured it was something like that. It's I recently started helping with her SEM so it's hard to tell how widespread this problem is. Thank you so much!

Re: huge discrepancy in clicks vs sessions

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Looks like you have 2xGA code running - that screws up a lot of stuff usually (unless being done on purpose with universal code)
Is this on purpose?
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