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enableAdvertisingIdCollection not working at all

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I have been trying to Enable Demographics and Interest Reports for almost 2 weeks & this thing just does not work. I have tried to put in & enable almost every possible functionality, linking almost every possible account of mine with the GA thing, tried almost every code mentioned in their documentation, even tried their auto-generated code, agreed to all their privacy terms & agreements, put them forward to all my users. But Google Analytics Just does not work.


I am using Android with a Google Backend, coding it on an Android Studio, searched using Google Search using Google Adwords for Ads, like literally using all the services in the Google Domain but GA does not simply work at all. Everything has a delay of atleast 2-3 days.

Please suggest me if there is anyway GA works or if we have better alternatives. Because I am keen to move out of this Umbrella of Google Services. I am literally frustated to the core from their ever-changing things with no proper documentations, complex products that just do not work