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eCommerce Tracking for Paid Search

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I have Google Conversion Tracking set up and I am tracking conversions in AdWords. I have the GA account and AdWords linked successfully. I have ecommerce tracking set up within GA. When I am in GA and looking at Acquisitions by Channel, ecommerce tracking is only tracking conversions for direct traffic (not paid, organic, referral). What step am I missing to ensure that eCommerce tracking within GA is tracking conversions from Adwords too? I want to be able to see conversions/revenue by channel.


Thank you!

Re: eCommerce Tracking for Paid Search

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Hi X-Ray,
you don't need to do anything special it will be automatic.

I suggest you to some test transaction from different source to test that your implementation is working fine to there is some issue


Re: eCommerce Tracking for Paid Search

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Hi Fil - Thank you. We are recording conversions in AdWords so conversion tracking is working properly. Within Google Analytics, sessions and behavior data are being recorded for all traffic channels/sources - direct, paid, organic, referral. The issue I am seeing is that all transactions/revenue is being attributed to direct/none traffic source only. So this is telling me that something is not working properly in the attribution of transactions via eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics.

When I am in the eCommerce Overview in GA, there is not a section for "Top Revenue Sources". It just is headlined "Top Sellers". So I find it strange that the eCommerce section doesn't look like the screenshots I see on blogs or articles when I try to learn more about this subject.

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you so much for your help.