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Youtube video tracking

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I added my youtube account to my google analytics about a week or so ago so It could give me more information then what the youtube analytics does. However the problem I am having is I cant get any information from it. 


When I log in I can choose what website I want to look at the stats from by choosing the site from the drop down menu on the top left.  But when I click on the arrow it shows me my youtube I guess it is my owner Id but there is nothing else there.


For all my sites there is an arrow in that box and if I click it, it goes to the next box to the right which also has information in and clicking on it goes to the next box to the right and if I click on the last box in the far right with the information in it it pulls up the stats for that website. 


However as I said there is no information in any of the other boxes to the right of my youtube Id and when I set everything up so google analytics would track my youtube there was no place to put in additional information that would spill over into the other boxes. I followed the exact instruction I found online and on youtube to do this and it was very simple. I also don't remember putting in any additional information  for the websites I am tracking so I don't know  how the boxes having the info is there.   How can I pull up the youtube stats in my adwords google analytics account if those other boxes have no info.  The website info box with my youtobe id info wasn't there a few weeks ago before I added it to tracking.   What do I need to do.