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Using custom dimensions to link data to CRM segments

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I'm trying to create new audiences from Analytics. This is my business scenario:


1. Users land on my site (no login required, so all logged-out).

2. They fill in a form (lead)

3. Sales are made offline


¿How do I add non-converted users as an audience? I've thought of this:


1. Create a custom dimension: UserLead

2. When the form is submitted I create a unique ID as a value for the dimension (session/user scoped). So we have something like: 


User1 --> sends form -> custom dimension value is uniqueID1

3- This CD value is also send to the CRM, linking the form (with user data on it) to the CD value and CRM user ID.


Later on, I could create an audience based on IDs from non-converted users, right? I guess I should upload the IDs after exporting them from my CRM.


Another question is... can we use this for remarketing? Answers is no, according to this, am i right?:


"One limitation to note is that data uploaded via data import is not linked to users retroactively, neither for reporting purposes (unless you are Google Analytics 360 and use Query time as your import type), nor for remarketing purposes. This means that the CRM data uploaded to Google Analytics will only be associated with users upon their next visit following the time the CRM data file was uploaded to Google Analytics."


Thank you



Using custom dimensions to link data to CRM segments

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Bump! Still wondering...