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UTM values vs the cost analysis parameters

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In our ads, We have the UTM medium in our Google adwords as "display" and the GA property settings UTM values will override the auto values.


The session data shows up as google / display (Exactly the values in the UTM values), but in the cost analysis all the cost, impressions, clicks data in GA are under google / cpc. 


We have both CPC and display campaigns for the same product and we used the UTM parameters in the ads to differentiate the ads traffic data. Hence in GA we get the session data for both the campaigns (cpc & display), but the cost, impression and clicks are all under google / cpc and display medium has 0 clicks, impressions and cost but all the sessions.


GA and adwords are linked in the admin settings.

Anyone know what the reason for this can be. Let me know if you need examples to help understand the issue and help me with a solution.





UTM values vs the cost analysis parameters

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For clicks to appear in the Analytics AdWords reports, they must have a Source/Medium of google/cpc. This means that if you manually tag either source or medium, Analytics will use the manually provided values, but you will not
see these clicks in the AdWords reports in Analytics


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