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UTM tag manual override not working

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Hi all, 

We need manual UTM tags for our CRM and we want to keep the rich gclid data in Google Analytics.


We have AdWords autotagging on all accounts and we have manual override enabled on our property. 

All of our campaigns are manually tagged. 


We enabled it 3 days ago. Looking at the last 2 days of data I still see old campaign naming under AdWords tab in Analytics. 

My campaign name in Adwords is "Campaign 001" my utm tag for that campaign is "pid-campaign-r01". 

The traffic is being showed as "Campaign 001" instead of  "pid-campaign-r01". 


We have entered both source=google and medium=cpc. 


What could be the issue that we are facing? Are we doing something wrong?

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UTM tag manual override not working

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Hi Mantas,

Sounds like you're doing everything right. Can you check and make sure that the source and medium parameters are in EVERY url? Using AdWords editor should allow you to check quickly. 


It's also possible that these clicks are historical, being attributed to the time that the click happened. 

Question: Are you seeing ONLY the old AdWords campaign names or are you seeing a mix of AdWords and Custom campaign names in GA?

UTM tag manual override not working

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Hi Dave, 

Thank you for the answer. 


Did some digging. I've found under AdWords tab in Analytics we have double listing of campaigns. 

The AdWords naming ones have clicks and cost data but 0 sessions

The UTM naming ones have no clicks no cost data but sessions. - AdWords named campaigns - UTM named campaigns 


So it looks like the tagging is working but the data gets split. Has anyone had to deal with this? Right now it looks like a big issue since the reason we enabled auto-tagging is to be able to use cost data on the custom named campaigns (don't want to keep doing it manually with the cost upload feature).



UTM tag manual override not working

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Hi Dave,


I have exact the same questions with Mantas. After I turned on override function in Analytics..

Adwords>Campaign : I only see campaign name of (not set) with no click data but session.

Campaign>All Campaign: There's no adwords data go to specific campaing UTM.



Is it any way that we can solve this issue?