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Traffic pollution

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OK - here's my set up...


I have a client with one AdWords account. We are running campaigns for two websites within the single account.


I have autotagging set up and the AdWords is linked to 2 GA properties - one for each site.


Within GA I have two properties within the single account. Each has its own tracking id - and this is the only tracking id on each site...


I have the single AdWords account linked to both GA properties.... since all campaigns come from the same account - but each campaign sends traffic to one or other of the website - and the websites have their own GA code.


My understanding (clearly limited!) is that traffic going to site A from AdWords would be tracked only in GA property A and traffic going to site B would be tracked only in GA property B...


But what is happening is that when I look at the AdWords campaigns reports in either GA A or GA B - I am seeing the numbers for all the AdWords traffic.


I am only seeing the numbers in "clicks" - I am not seeing it in "sessions" - but that still doesn't make sense to me, since the click from campaigns for site A are sent to site A and shouldn't be tracked at all in GA property B... but there seems to be something I'm missing in the AdWords linking set up that is making the GA account track all and any clicks that were made in the AdWords account, regardless of the campaign and the destination url.


I apologise for this being long winded, but I'm trying to actually get it clear in my head!


Any help would be appreciated...thanks

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Re: Traffic pollution

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You need to configure a filter for Campaign Target URL.
Read this for more info:

Re: Traffic pollution

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Aaaah . OK - thanks for the link. I had set up an exclude rather than an include. I would have thought that would work, but it seems not - I'll try the include and see if that works