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Traffic Sources Issues

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Hi Guys,


Needed help on traffic sources. This has happened possibly for the first time in my 9 year career in Google Analytics. 


I have recently been handed the Media Mandate of a real estate client. His previous agency had set up Analytics using GTM. Adwords & webmasters have been configured with GA.


When I go through the GA data, I see all URL's tagged with UTM Parameters has Organic & direct as their major sources of traffic, which is quite confusing, since those URL directs are only provided for Google Advertising Campaigns. The numbers for the last month for UTM Tagged URL's that were used for Paid Campaigns reads as :


Organic Traffic - 5000 +

Direct Traffic - 4000+

Google CPC - 1500


Any idea as to why this could happen ?? No major filters applied.

Re: Traffic Sources Issues

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Check Property Settings > Advanced Settings > Allow manual tagging (UTM values) to override auto-tagging (GCLID values)
Is this option checked?
If so, the traffic through those links may be modified to be organic & direct, regardless of their original sources.
If not, the AdWords cpc campaigns traffic should not be affected, because they carry the GCLID. The traffic from other sources may be forced to organic & direct.

Hope this helps.


Re: Traffic Sources Issues

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Hi Marko,

Thanks a ton. The option wasn't checked. But still all adwords traffic has been diverted into Organic & Direct sources. This is absolutely the first time I am facing this issue.