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Revenue of Adgroup "A-B" higher than revenue of Campaign "A"

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Hi all,


we're using several Campaigns with several Adgroups per campaign to advertise our website. Our website also has a webshop, with E-Commerce tracking activated. 


Today I found a strange behavior: when I go to ACQUISITION/ADWORDS/CAMPAIGNS, then I see that my AdWords Campaign "A" has a generated a revenue of (let's say) 1'000 USD. 


When I now click on Campaign "A", Analytics will dive into the connected AdGroups (that belong to Campaign "A"). But now I see that the AdGroup "A-B" has generated a revenue of 3'000 USD. 


I have not changed the setup of this Campaign/AdGroup in the last months, so I have no clue why the revenue of a subset of Campaign "A" is higher that the total Campaign revenue. 


Any ideas?






Re: Revenue of Adgroup "A-B" higher than revenue of Campaign

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Hey Jorge, how are things?

Have you checked if by any means the calendar didn't change when you reach the Ad Group level? Or maybe your Campaign view is filtered somehow? This usually tends to happen sometimes.

Also, if you could provide with screenshots it would be great for us to take a look at.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click