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Remarketing List: Audience by Analitics Vs Remarketing List by Adwords

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Hi everybody,

I am a new user of Analytics and Adwords, so excuse me if I'm doing a stupid question. Smiley Happy


I have a "problem" with the dimension of audience list created by Analytics.

In particular, I have the audience list "All visitors" (that is created automatically at the first audience list set) with the following options:

- Memebrship duration: 30 days

- Lookback days: 7 days

and the users over last 7 days are 57438.

But if I see data of last 7 days from the reporting I have 59515 New Users and 67819 Users.


Moreover if I check the "Display audience size" is 170k but in seeing the reporting of the last 30 days, I have 227k New Users and 245k Users.


So, why I have a discrepancy from the audience list and reporting?


Another big doubt that I have, is about the Adwords remarketing list "All visitors". In fact if I see this list (30 days membership duration), I have 290k dislpay audience size. So it is different both the audience list and the reporting data. Do you know why? 


What is the correct list to utilize?


I focused my attention also about the meaning of lookback days setting in the case of "All visitors". With the setting above, I should have the users that passed on the site in the last 30 days or 37 days?


Thanks to all

Maria Iolanda


P.s.: all lists are active from Apr '16