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Referral traffic from

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I recently noticed some traffic (and even one conversion) from / referral in one of the Analytics accounts I'm running for a client. The account is linked to an AdWords account, but all the traffic I get from the Google ads are listed as google / cpc. I don't think I have seen traffic from this source before, and can't figure out where it's actually coming from. Have anyone else sees this, and know where the traffic comes from? Thanks Smiley Happy 

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Hey Josephine, how are things?

Is this a considerable amount of traffic or jsut a few sessions? Does anyone else have access to the account?

From the URL "" it seems that someone visited the website by clicking on the URL of an Ad inside Adwords interface. Like when you go Edit your Ad and you click on the URL to see where it goes? Should be something like that. because other then that, any traffic from the campaigns will appear as "google / cpc" because of the link.

Also, check you Analytics alerts to see if there's anything regarding problems with GCLID coming from Adwords. GCLID is the parameter that pass every information from Adwords to GA and when GCLID gets lost, your GA can count Adwords traffic as anything else.

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez

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