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Re: Recovering a google analytics account

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I'm sorry that I can't figure out how to post my issue, other than to reply to the Answer you provided to another user with a somewhat similar problem, in hopes you can help.


We signed up for Google Analytics 7 or 8 years ago (UA-17138785-1); I was the one who signed us up; I was the owner, the administrator and the only user.  I left for several years, and have recently returned.  By the way, when I signed up for Google Analytics, Google Adwords (in its infancy back then, I think), had nothing to do with, and was not synched in any way with Google Analytics, so we don't have a Google Adwords account.  I'm not certain, but it almost it appears that one must have an adwords account to access Analytics.


In any case,  we're unable to access our Google Analytics.  We tried going to the recovery page you supplied in your answer to the other user, but we've had so many email changes since I set up the analytics account it's nearly impossible.  We do have a current gmail account for our website, and can successfully use that gmail address and password to sign into the recovery login.  When I use it, however, it takes me to a page with Account info, but there's no link or anything to get from there to our analytics page.  In the MANAGE ACTIVITY section, Google Analytics is listed, but there's no link, and next to the listing, it actually says, "Nothing Interesting Here", which seems strange, to say the least, but perhaps that means it's inactive (?)  Everything else listed in the MANAGE ACTIVITY section does have a link though.


Can you offer any assistance?  Am I missing something?

Also, if this continues to be unsuccessful, can we simply remove the Analytics # from our website, and sign up for different Analytics # to embed?

Re: Recovering a google analytics account

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Hi @Duval H


There is another method. You should prove the ownership for each domain that is tracked in your Google Analytics account/property. Please take a look at the following article:


If nothing works out, yes you can always sign up for a new Google Analytics account and use the new property id.


I hope this help you to solve your issue.



Re: Recovering a google analytics account

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Setup an adwords account and they will help you via phone.

The analytics.txt will need to be available, though. Otherwise, you can
certainly create an new GA account.