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Questions on User Acquisition and how long does each event take?

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We're in the process of investigating whether Google Analytics can completely replace our old analytics system which was MAT + A.N. Other analytics service.


Our entire flow which we'd like to track is,


  • we purchase an ad from anywhere (including Facebook)
    • give it a custom URL that gets a Google Analytics generated custom URL
    • user sees ad (can we get a user associated event? for impressions information)
    • user clicks ad (want user associated event)
    • user sees app on store (can we get a user associated event? for impressions information)
    • user installs (can we get a user associated event?)
    • opens app (want user associated event)
    • user converts / purchases some iAP (want user associated event, repeating)

How many of that is possible with GA, and where do we see each event come through (from the app, we know, but the stuff beforehand, on UA, we're not sure)?


Thus far I've gone through the sample applications for iOS and Android, and that's my very first question, I'm not asking if we *should* do it, but I'm asking *can* we have a unified app with the iOS and Android version of the app, or are we forced to have two separated by platform only?


After that, I've set up a Custom URL for acquisition tracking and gone through the process of clicking through (on device) and installing the app from the app store, but no events have come through at all to the dashboard, not on Android, nor iOS.  How long does it take that information to come through?


For iOS, no information at all is coming through, not in "Real-time", in "Overview", "Events", nor on the main dashboard.  Printout from XCode portrays everything as working and normal, but unfortunately nothing is happening.  Is there any extra debug information for how we might fix whatever's wrong, or could it simply be delayed event tracking?  Again, how much of a delay is expected here?