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Passing through AdWords Campaign-Parameter to In-App-Conversion

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Hello everyone,


I've got a question regarding AdWords and Analytics for Apps an I'm curious to see if anyone has an answer Smiley Happy


I use AdWords to promote an app for (let's say) ordering something and said app has conversion-goals set up in Analytics when you do actually order something. Let's then say someone saw my ad and installed it through the app-install-ad extension. Two weeks later, he uses the app to order something thus reaching the conversion-goal.


Is there any way to somehow pass through the information that this conversion basically came from AdWords? Or to be more general, to track from where the past app-referral came regarding the later conversion?

My app doesn't include in-app-purchases and I have set up the actual download as an conversion-goal, too, but I measure my success by said orders and would like to know if they came through a user who downloaded the app because of my adwords ad. 


AdWords and Analytics are both linked of course but as far as I can tell, there's no way to list in-app converisions with the source of the app download.


Has anyone faced similiar problems? Am I overlooking something?


Thanks in advance!