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Paid Sessions Double Counted in Organic

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I have a client who is using Google Tag Manager, and has Adwords and Analytics connected - their paid search is run by another company, and I do not have access to that account nor tag manager. I'm seeing paid search url's w/ UTM parameters being attributed to organic, but it looks like they are being double counted for paid and organic - when I filter it down the metrics are almost exactly similar, and I've made sure that they have no-indexed the paid search landing pages as well. My very uneducated guess is that there is some sort of double firing of the tracking script w/ adwords and tag manager, or there is some issue with the way the UTM url's were created. If anyone has experienced this before or has an educated gues as to why this occurs, it would be much appreciated:



Re: Paid Sessions Double Counted in Organic

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@Steve N

it can be a lot of things (I never see data like you):
1. Maybe somebody add utm_medium=organic in Google AdWords?
2. Maybe you have some issue in Grouping Channel?
3. Maybe you have problem with referall on website and referall change after go to second page.
4. Maybe Google Analytics and AdWords connect wrong?

GIve feedback if you check this.