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Only show related Adwords campaigns in Analytics

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Dear Community,

I have successfully connected my Analytics with Adwords in order to monitor the performance and the conversions generated by my Adwords campaigns in Analytics.


The problem:

I manage various campaigns for several clients on my Adwords account as well as I manage various proprieties for several clients in my Analytics account.

The problem is that when I am checking the stats of one property in Analytics (by clicking on Acquisition > Adwords) I get the data of ALL campaigns in Adwords, even those who belong to another client i. e. to another Analytics property.


How can I configure my Analytics/Adwords such that for a certain property there are shown ONLY the Adwords stats that are related to this property?


Thanks in advance and all the best


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Only show related Adwords campaigns in Analytics

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You should be running each client in a seperate account, and managing them through a Manager Account ( - for a number of very good reasons other than this one.


You can use a GA Segment to only show certain campaigns, but you can no longer see cost data.



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Only show related Adwords campaigns in Analytics

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Thanks for your help Phillip, I will set up a Manager Account as soon as possbile.

Is there a maximum number of subaccounts I can include in my Manager Account?