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New View: unable to filter by source

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My AdWords is managed by a 3rd party and I want to provide them access to GA, but only for AdWords traffic.


I'm trying to create a new 'view' within GA that includes only Adwords traffic.  Since all AdWords traffic to my site has utm_source = 'adwords', I created a custom filter for the new view with the following:

- Filter = 'include'

- Filter Field = 'Campaign Source'

- Filter Pattern = 'adwords'


However, after applying the above filter, I'm not getting ANY traffic data.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is 'Campaign Source' not the same as 'Source'?  How can I provide GA access to my traffic partners that is limited to their traffic sources/channels?






Re: New View: unable to filter by source

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HI Duncan,

First newly created view will need time to collect historical data, so it is expected behavior for you to see 0 visits the same day you create a new view.!topic/digital-analytics-fundamentals/BeGefcd4YPQ

Second, you will need to either:
a. synch Adwords and Analytics
b. manually tag links with utm parameters (example utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=paid_search_1
This will allow Google Analytics to properly segment your traffic data

Third, you will need to apply the appropriate filter. If you used auto tagging or or utm_source=google for manual tagging, the filter field "Campaign Source" with the filter pattern "google" should work, but may include organic traffic. A more useful setup might be filter field, Campaign Medium"filter pattern, cpc.

If you follow those three steps, you should be able to set up a custom view that shows only traffic from google adwords. The final result will depend on how all traffic sources to your site are tagged. To your larger question of how to show traffic data specifically, it is possible, but will likely require some trial and error to and keeping up with changes to Google Analytics in order to get useful and accurate data.