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Keywords/Search Term per Operating System

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How do I run a report that will tell me which AdWords keywords/search terms were used for a specific Operating System?  A user can search Google using an Android, iOS, Mac OS X, or Windows device.  When that user clicks on my Ad and is taken to my landing page I would like to know what keyword/search term was used on which OS.


For example. I'm bidding on an exact match for [red roses].  For the day there were 50 clicks on my Ad using the exact match [red roses].  Out of those 50 clicks - 20 were using an Android device, 10 were using an iOS device, and 20 were using a Windows desktop.  How can I get this kind of information out of Google Analytics? 




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November 2016

Keywords/Search Term per Operating System

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Hi Chris,

Go to Acquisition >>Paid Search >>Secondary Dimension(just above keyword) >> Users>>Operating System in Google analytics dashboard.


Hope this helps.