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Is GA aware of Adword's GCLID?

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Hello, here is my assumption, is it wrong or right, or somewhere in between...


  1. User clicks on my Adwords ad
  2. User lands on my final URL with a gclid (auto-tracking is on)
  3. The web page at my final URL includes my GA tracking code, therefore...

Assumption #1: GA is now aware of which Adwords campaign the user was referred by, since it has access to the gclid and the accounts are linked.



4. User registers on my site and is assigned a userId, which is now sent to GA with each pageview, event hit, purchase hit...


Assumption #2: GA can now associate the userId of this user with the Adwords campaign they were referred by.



5. User purchases on my site, I send GA a purchase hit with the userId.


Assumption #3: GA can associate the purchase with the Adwords campaign the user was referred by.



Or, is the only way to associate an Adwords campaign with a purchase to use the Adwords conversion tracking pixel?


Thanks, hope that all makes sense. The reason I am asking is that I feel like this should work, but it's not.



Is GA aware of Adword's GCLID?

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hi, @Mikex.

Your point's are generally correct but I suppose some deeper dive into "assosiation" would help. Consider this help article: