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Including Assists In Day Parting

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Does anyone know of a way in which the day of week and hour of day can be viewed when looking at assisted conversions?


I carry out regular day parting analysis but unlike device/geo adjustments I can't find a way to view incorporate assisted data into this process meaning I am dealing purely with last click. As a result I am aware that I am potentially decreasing bid adjustments for times/days in which people start their path but convert at a later point which is cutting the conversions off at the source.


Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!



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Re: Including Assists In Day Parting

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That is a great question, I do the same thing with day parting but have not considered the implications you raised - I hope someone can give us a definite answer.

Re: Including Assists In Day Parting

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I checked the reporting from the basic side (where you have the day and hour as a choice) and from the MCF side. I have no deep background info about MCF reports but they seem to be living their own separate life. I also went through some of the API documentation but unfortunately I could not see a way to combine these datas in the UI reports or on the API side.

So you are stuck with the last click when analysing the hour or the weekday performance. I don't see any major obstacles why this information should not be available. If I can find a feature request or channel where to take/ask this from the new forum UI I'll put it forward and let's see if there is indeed something that prevents viewing assisted conversion this way.

I'm sorry, I know it is little help to you now and unfortunately you have to stand in the front line with this. Certainly it is possible that someone from our ranks know the solution or a workaround and I'll be asking around so you could receive help faster.
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