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In-Page Analytics Questions

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Couple questions about using In-Page Analytics.  I use the Chrome extension and it seems to be working ok but a couple things are confusing.  Please let me know about the following:


1- The %'s that show don't add up to 100.  Why is that?


2- I ran a report to view stats from March 1-31.  If I changed a link during that span, do the stats get lost?  For example, if the product in slot A is changed 3 times during that period, what would the stats show for slot A?


3- How reliable are the stats?  It shows that no one clicked our Contact Us link on the home page for a full month yet we get emails from that link every day.  Seems a little strange.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Re: In-Page Analytics Questions

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The numbers are associated to the link on the page, not the link location on the page. So if you have home pages links on the logo, the Home button and a Copyright link at the bottom, all three display the same percentage -- the number of people that clicked a link to your home page.

If a link had clicks during the period but no longer appears on the page, the numbers would not appear for that link (there is nowhere to show them).

If the Contact Us link appears on every page, they could have gone there from any other page on your site (or even direct from search). Check the behavior navigation reports to verify the traffic flow.
Mike Sullivan, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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