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Google URL Builder, Anything more I need to do on Analytics

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I am a novice user of the current iteration Google Analytics, so please be kind to me.  (I used to really get into it back in 2010 but many new options)


I was given a custom URL that was obviously put together in Google URL Builder.  Is there anything I need to do to create a custom view or dashboard to look at results only pertaining to this URL?




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Re: Google URL Builder, Anything more I need to do on Analytics

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Hi John
Welcome to the community!

Great question. First of all, I think "URL builder" is probably the wrong way to describe it. It should be called a tagger because you're tagging it with parameters.

So the whole purpose of tagging a URL with parameters is so that you can view reports and segments based on those parameters. So it the parameter has a campaign of "Black-Friday-Campaign", you can go to your campaigns report and see it there. Likewise with the other parameters.

The parameters are independent of the URL. The same URL can linked to with many parameters. This is how Google AdWords works.

If you're looking for a report on the URL that you were given that contains parameters, you can effectively ignore the parameters. Google Analytics does when it comes to reporting on landing pages.

So when you're creating a custom view or dashboard for the URL, the parameters don't even come into play. Unless of course you're looking for a report on the parameters themselves.

If you want to explain exactly what you're doing with an example, I'll be able to provide more detail. Remember, I don't know what you're trying to do so the more information you can provide, the better.

Finally, if you're dealing with URL parameters and tagging, you're graduated past novice in my opinion, kudos! Smiley Happy

Re: Google URL Builder, Anything more I need to do on Analytics

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Does this help?

Here is the URL that I was given:'s%20and%20More&utm_content=YP%20Network&

And after that I received this statement:
"Add this code to their Google Analytics tracking. This will track all ads traffic. "

I am just not sure if I need to do anything here in GA to view success of this campaign. I assume if I do nothing I can just see it as a referrer but I suspect I could make a custom view. Sorry for my general lack of knowledge here...