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Google Analytics Adwords Campaigns (not set) when using Measurement Protocol

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I have a use case where I'm generating events and sending them into Google Analytics asynchronously (i.e. visitor opens a third-party domain (new window), the action is then recorded as a lead later (typically a couple of minutes) and sent as a Google Analytics event). Alongside this we send:


  • cid
  • gclid
  • dr
  • dl

+ the event data (t, ec, ea, el) + tracking info (tid) + user data (uip, ua). 


These events send fine, are recorded, and we've tested against the debug collect end-point (which tells us there are zero problems with our request). I've verified that the cid is the same as being used on the client (i.e. web browser).


We created a Goal Conversion for our lead event, and we can see conversions happen.


The problem is when we look at AdWords Campaigns (Analytics -> Acquisition -> Campaigns) all of these conversions come in as "(not set)." 


Obviously we're not setting some campaign or conversion information somewhere, my question is what is the Campaign Data I'm supposed to send to make this work? Looking at the documentation doesn't clarify much and some of the options (Campaign Name) seem a bit fragile.


Is it the Campaign ID? If so where can I get this? Our marketing team has given us a snippet that calls, which has a conversion_id. Is this the campaign id? If not how do I get the  Campaign ID? I do not / will not have access to our AdWords account so need to be able to direct them to the exact location. 


Also I'm a little bit unsure that is the right way to be tracking "regular" conversions as the documentation for it indicates that it's for remarketing. We're just trying to track if an visitor who clicked on an ad converts.


For what it's worth we added a snippet directly on our site when the new window opens, added an event alongside it (open) and set up a conversion for that and it tracks everything perfectly. 


Our fall-back approach is to attempt to have the original opening page detect an successful conversion and send the conversion directly from the client but that's an approach we'd like to avoid if possible (visitor is not guaranteed to have the original site open). We'd like to notify Adwords / Google Analytics of a conversion using the Measurement Protocol or something similar. 


Appreciate any help and / or advice Smiley Happy


P.S. I've got zero background in marketing or AdWords / Analytics so apologize if I butchered any concepts. 


P.P.S. Do I need to use alongside Google Analytics to get this data in?