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Gclid parameters and 3rd party tracking

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I set up 3rd party tracking at the campaign level for each of my AdWords campaigns but the tracking tool "eats up" the gclid parameters of my ads and I can't get analytics data on my AdWords ads anymore. The gclid parameters just don't appear on the ads anymore. Does anyone have  a way of adding 3rd party tracking while still keeping gclid parameters in tact?


Re: Gclid parameters and 3rd party tracking

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Hi Juris,

as far as I understand, you now have configured the destination URLs of your AdWords campaigns to point to the 3rd-party tracking server, and, when the user clicks your ads, the tracking server redirects the user to your website, right? In this redirection process, the gclid parameter added by AdWords gets lost.

If this is the case, the problem should be in the configuration of the 3rd-party tracking tool. You should make sure that it is configured to properly pass the query string parameters from the pre-redirection URL to the post-redirection URL.

Keeping the query string parameters is a frequent need of digital marketers, that should be usually addressed by this kind of tools... so I think that, in the settings of your 3rd-party tracking tool, there should be an option that allows you to preserve the incoming query string parameters.

If you post the name of the tracking tool you are using, we can have a check as well.

Hope it helps!


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