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GA Keyword Transaction Data vs AdWords Conversion Data

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I've been running AdWords for a few weeks now and we've gotten conversion but the issue I'm having is that I can't find out what the customers actually bought once the clicked through our ads. Because Adwords tracks conversions based on when customers clicked our ad (could be 15 days prior to actual purchase) and GA tracks the day the customer actually made the purchase, GA shows google / organic in the Source / Medium instead of cpc, leaving me no way to see what items were purchased through the ad. I can see cpc's under Campaigns > Paid Keywords but the keywords AdWords say have converted GA says they have not converted.

We sell sunglasses and we're only running one search ad for one product. It's a popular product so we sell it all the time. Currently I can't tell if the customers purchasing the pair of sunglasses are coming in organically or through our AdWords ad. Am I missing something here? I'd really like to expand our AdWords campaign but not if we can't tell what people are purchasing and attribute those sales to cover the AdWords ads.


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Re: GA Keyword Transaction Data vs AdWords Conversion Data

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Hi David,


Have you imported Google Analytics goals/transactions into AdWords or implemented AdWords conversion tracking separately on your site?


There is a difference between attribution models.


Here you can read more about the difference:


You should take a look at the Multi-Channel Funnels report and analyze the top conversion paths. The Top Conversion Paths report shows all of the unique conversion paths (i.e., sequences of channel interactions) that led to conversions. Model Comparison Tool might help you as well.




Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, let us know.